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I am no longer making kits.  If you would like to purchase a PDF for the notes and materials list of any of the designs below, please send me a message in the contact section of my website. Some kits can be purchased through the Crewel Work Company

You can find my three part series on the couching stitch in the needlework magazine called Piecework, published in the USA. Spring 2022, Summer 2022, Fall 2022.

You can find my design called "Nutcracker" with design inspiration and stitch instructions in the book called Design Collective: Christmas, published in Australia (2023) 

Final Glitter and Gogh.jpg

Glitter& Gogh: Étude of the Starry Night

Inspired by the swirling sky of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting, this intermediate level design explores various couching methods over gilt and cotton threads, wrapping of pearl purl, the application of gold leaf to fabric, how to transfer a design using the traditional method of prick and pounce and then paint, and finally, how to professionally mount an embroidery before taking it to a framer.  Glittering metal threads couched with Van Gogh’s preference of complementary colours creates a vibrant feel with the soft curves of the night sky.

Dimensions: 25 cm x 13 cm

PDF Notes Cost:  $15.00 CDN

Kit Cost:  $130 CDN


Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 10.34.29 AM.png

Colour Theory Sampler

Downloadable online course and optional kit in collaboration with the Crewel Work Company.


DSC_0530 copy_edited.jpg

Taking My Time

In this taster metalwork design with a fantastical steampunk twist for beginners, students will create a sweet little snail taking its time as it travels.  The techniques the piece will cover include; couching of pearl purl, rococco, and passing, applying spangles, beads, and clock works pieces, sinking threads, and creating a section of grass with various specialty green metal and cotton threads.  Students will enjoy working on textured fabric as they play with the bling of goldwork materials and use their puzzle-solving skills to piece together gears in the shell of the snail. A fun introduction to a historic technique. 

Dimensions: 20 cm x 6 cm

PDF Notes Cost:  $15.00 CDN

Kit Cost:  $100 CDN



A is for Apple

This beginner level Goldwork Project Course allows the students to create a whimsical flashcard of bygone days.  Using coloured cotton and metal threads, students will explore traditional Goldwork materials yet have a refreshingly modern design.  There are variations on the finished design, depending on student preferences.  During the course, students will be guided through the following:  the "window transfer" method of design transfer, how to couch Pearl Purl and Passing Thread, stretching and wrapping of Pearl Purl, chipping as a way to use Purl, plunging and tying off metal threads, explore the use of coloured cotton threads to enhance embroidery, and make decisions about which stitches to use.

Dimensions: 10 cm x 10 cm

PDF Notes Cost:  $15.00 CDN

Kit Cost:  $85 CDN


Candy Cane Kit Cover.jpg

Peppermint Delight

A sweet peppermint candy cane cutwork study using metal threads of silver and red.  This highly padded design uses contrasting textures and colours to create interest from warm wool felt, to shiny purls of smooth, rough and bright check.  Embroiderers are given the challenge of stitching metal purls around a tight 180 degree turn after practicing on a 45 degree angle. The design is given a finished look with an outline of silver plated pearl purl and then finished off with silk ribbon bow.  

Dimensions 8cm x 3cm

PDF Notes Cost:  $15.00 CDN

Kit Cost:  $70 CDN



Kogin Inspired Goldwork Pattern Couching

Japanese Kogin embroidery meets Goldwork Pattern Couching in this design made up into a small project bag.  This intermediate level design challenges the student to couch silver plated twist in straight rows with many turns.  The pattern, called Choucho (Butterfly) in Japanese can be couched in any colour, and the finished embroidery may be hand finished into a simple bag, needle book, phone sleeve, glasses case, and so on.

Dimensions: 20 cm x 8.5 cm

Kit Cost:  $120.00 or purchase the PDF notes


Dipped in Gold

INS108_Bright Baubles_Facebook.jpg

Bright Baubles

tree of life final.jpg

GustavianTree of Life:

Art Nouveau Line Study

A swirling fantastical tree of life inspired by the murals of Gustav Klimt and stitched on rare Cloth of Gold.  This design uses specialty gilt metal threads as well as vintage patterned broad plate from France. A unique border and a delicious mix of beads make this tree a feast for the eyes and a delight for the experienced needleworker.  

Dimensions: 18cm x 13 cm

PDF Notes Cost: $15 CDN

Available as PDF notes only

East meets West with Goldwork materials as students explore threads seen in English and Japanese Metalwork embroidery. After transferring the design with the traditional method of prick and pounce, students will be introduced to the Medieval technique of Or Nué. The design uses four warm shades of Japanese filament silks over padded and shining hand dipped candles hanging out to dry. When working the branch, students will have the chance to manipulate their metal threads in unconventional ways using real twigs, seed beads and flat gold painted Japanese paper. Warm colours abound in this whimsical design.

PDF Notes Cost:  $15.00 CDN

Take a handful of stranded cottons and reels of gleaming metal thread and stitch some pretty coloured baubles that can be enjoyed all year round.

Utilising the stunning metal thread technique of or nué, pairs of silver passing thread are couched in place with shades of red, purple and green cotton to create this delightful design.

Worked onto white linen, each round bauble is topped with a cap and hangs from a cord.

Dimensions: 7cm x 11 cm

Kit Cost: purchase direction from Inspirations Studios in Australia

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